In today’s fast moving tech world what was cutting edge not so long ago is now outdated.

Your website can look stale fast and just as you would keep the building where your business is located in good repair and looking up-to-date the same applies to your web presence. Some say the life expectancy for a website is less than 5 years.

With advances in design and technology your current site may not be social friendly, search friendly or mobile friendly. mobile friendlyThese are all important things to consider when assessing your site. Your site will be the first thing a prospective customer will see when it searches your name on the internet. It can have a profound impact on whether that prospective customer becomes a paying customer. It's your online storefront. …with that in mind remember to give it the priority it deserves and keep it up-to-date.

Even if you can’t do a complete redesign consider smaller design changes to keep current. The main reason to redesign your website is to get more visitors and leads. With this in mind, website redesigns should be focused on the things that will achieve this goal. Don’t forget to evaluate what assets the current website has and protect them in the redesign. Some examples are content, such as blog posts or keywords that contribute to the site rank.

Another important thing to consider is how to launch the redesign without hurting search rankings and traffic. Site rank takes time and effort, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

So now you have a beautiful new site …what next…you'll need to have a plan in place once the redesign is live to attract customers.

With a smaller budget to promote your new site other ideas such as content marketing can be a cost effective option. This means creating compelling content on the new website that customers are likely to talk about and share through social media. Another effective way to promote a website redesign is to offer a promotion around the launch. This can be done easily, and will help drive new traffic to the website.

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