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Philadelphia website design Customer Usability is our business At Custom Net Design we stress function over design. While design is important, studies show that it is usability that the customer wants. Our design process is geared to usability by the customer. We realize that your customers need answers fast. They don't want to wait for irrelevant downloads or large graphics forced on them by an over-zealous designer.

While it’s important to rank well within your industry remember the attention span of your visitors is short. Some people say the decision is made in just a few seconds. What this means is you need a web design that is clear and concise.

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In today’s fast moving tech world what was cutting edge not so long ago is now outdated. Your website can look stale fast. Your current site may not be social friendly, search friendly or mobile friendly. We can help you with these solutions.....

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The number of mobile web users worldwide will more than double to over a billion by the end of 2013. While mobile Internet use currently mirrors conventional web surfing--search, messaging, multimedia downloads and news/sports information dominate. It's anticipates that over the next four years, mobile users will increasingly embrace applications like online purchases, social networking and creating blogs. In addition, online business applications and corporate email systems will also surge as businesses empower their mobile workers. Don't get left behind....make sure your site is mobile friendly today!
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